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I am bonded & insured and live locally. No job is too big or too small. During the first year running my cleaning business in this community, I have received glowing reviews from my customers.

"Angie and her crew have been cleaning my home for several years she is always on task, doing a highly efficient and extremely effective cleaning each time. Angie does a very thorough and amazing job - I am exceptionally pleased with her cleaning services. She is dependable and excellent about communications in regards to scheduling and otherwise. Angie is very trustworthy - the only person I have ever let in my home alone. She also takes care to do so many sweet extra touches around the house, for me personally and also for my kids who just adore her. Overall, Angie does an exceptional job with a graceful and kind touch and generous smile. A rare find these days."


“Angie has been my cleaner for over 8 years. She's courteous, efficient, and professional. I count on her to make my home shine!”



Tommy and Cathy did a fabulous job here today. They work together so well as a team. They work hard and are so nice.

Just wanted you to know.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Angie,

Dynamic, very conscientious.

Tommy maybe too conscientious vacuuming behind even that big solid chest by moving it.

So they are here two hours. (Also, cat had caught bird and brought it in, so bird feathers in carpet.

Remember, i had $15 dollars credit. But I gave Cathy $74 (did not have the extra dollar in bills.)

So, in effect, it is an extra $14 earned by them:

Told Cathy i would tell you.


Hi there,

Thanks for checking in with me.

The new person did a great job. My fridge with the stainless surface is finally clean after several months. She also cleaned the bath tubs much better than before. If I can provide a feedback: please let her know that she can move things on the floor to clean up the floor. I noticed that the space behind the garbage bin in the kitchen was still dirty when I came home. Other than that, she is certainly moving forward with the cleaning, instead of a mixed results.

Thanks again,


Hi Angie

Writing to let you know my house looked amazing today 5/3/2016. Please said Yarris moving forward she did amazing

Jim Tournas


So I'm sorry to email you after virtually every clean but I feel compelled to let you know how happy Kristen and Patty make me every week and how much I appreciate their work ethic. This week I was sick so the house was way worse than usual. I wrote them a note saying they could skip the playroom if needed because that in and of itself was a disaster. When I got home I was amazed! They had picked up the entire house, cleaned it perfectly AND swept the leaves out of my garage!!! Not only that, Patty cleaned my disgusting, algae covered shower curtain so much that it's sparkling! I cannot believe how amazing they are. Please let them know for me. They made my day yesterday...


Hi Angie

The girls did a great job. Always professional!! Thank you for being accommodating and making room for extras to be done in my home today. You are always willing to help when it's needed.


I used O'Brien Cleaning Service for more than a year. Angela, the Owner, is very professional and responsive. I was never disappointed with the quality or quantity of the work performed. The workers never missed a cleaning date and were always on time and courteous.

I highly recommend this business and definitely would hire them again in the future.


There is simply nothing like coming home to a house cleaned by O'Brien Cleaning Service. Angie and her team are consummate professionals who look to each and every detail. As a pet owner I really appreciate that level of care; it brings new meaning to "breath easier". You too could breathe easier knowing that your home has been lifted to a new level of clean. Thank you Angie and friends!


I have been using O'Brien Cleaning Service for over a year and I am so pleased. They are reliable, trustworthy, flexible and responsive to any concerns with quality I have had. They are insured and bonded so you don't have to worry about them when they are in your home and you aren't. They do a fantastic job cleaning and I would highly recommend this service provider to anyone!